Michigan Evidence Rules – 2017

Complete Michigan Rules of Evidence and Federal Rules of Evidence in an easy-to-read quick reference edition intended for portability and convenience in the courtroom or chambers.

This volume provides a more readable and quickly accessible text than that found in traditional court rules books, and can be conveniently slipped into an overstuffed briefcase or your laptop bag.

All rules are current with amendments effective through July 30, 2017 and include comprehensive up-to-date indexing.

Includes the Traditional (pre-restyling) Federal Evidence rules for convenience in dealing with old-style citations.

Prepared by professionals for professionals, the Apex Court Rules series provides the rules you really need, when and where you need them, in highly portable and easily accessible quick-reference volumes.

With clean, modern, easy to read typefaces, comprehensive indexing, and selected up-to-date rules compiled in specialized volumes geared for specific purposes, the Court Rules series provides maximum convenience and value.