John Marshall and the Constitution

This premium quality edition contains the complete and unabridged original 1919 version of Edward S. Corwin’s classic John Marshall and The Constitution: A Chronicle of the Supreme Court, printed on heavy, bright white paper in a large 6″x9″ format, with page headers and a fully laminated full-color cover featuring an original design. Additional contents include Corwin’s bibliographic examination of his contemporary sources and his original annotations, together with a new, unique introductory note explaining how to read and understand legal citations to Supreme Court opinions.

Widely considered the foremost historian of the Supreme Court for the first half of the 20th century, Corwin brought his historical approach and renowned narrative style to bear in this eminently readable account of the life and work of John Marshall, the single most influential jurist in American history.

Authoritative without being an overly detailed scholarly treatise, this unique work provides an excellent basic text for any reader interested in the roots of Constitutional law in the United States and the life of the man at the center of its early development.

Along with treating his subject generally, Corwin provides detailed accounts of the process involved in the creation of the federal judiciary, the conflicts between the Court and the legislative and executive branches in the early years of the Republic, and the early development of key areas of Constitutional law, particularly the limitations of the exercise of power between the federal and state governments. Additionally, Corwin discusses the Aaron Burr treason case in some detail and examines the authority of the government to interfere with rights arising from private contracts.

This extremely readable book is one of the best sources available for anyone interested in John Marshall and his role in the development of American Constitutional law, and also provides a valuable starting point for readers intending to pursue further reading on these subjects.