HIPAA Compliance Essentials: Basic Staff Training

We believe this may be the simplest, fastest, and most cost-effective compliance training available.

If your organization does not have an ongoing training program and is starting from scratch, or if you need to get your annual training completed, you should immediately get a training program in place.

Implementing and completing a basic training program will get you into compliance, which is the first critical objective. Additional or supplemental training for specific roles or circumstances should be added as you develop them to better protect your organization and the information relating to your clients or patients.

The truth is, HIPAA regulations are incredibly vague about training requirements. Annual training for employees is mandatory. But there are no guidelines whatsoever that specify the form or content of that training.

Our Basic Training package includes one print copy of our Concise Guide to HIPAA Compliance, a handbook that can assist your Compliance Officer in reviewing or developing a comprehensive compliance program, and our Basics of HIPAA Compliance: A Guide for Employees, in PDF format, which includes an acknowledgement and certification form for execution by each employee. The package also includes an Organizational Reprint Authorization which allows you to reproduce the PDF handbook for all your employees for the required annual training, as well as all new hires, insuring that everyone working for your organization has had HIPAA training.

With your compliance officer equipped with a comprehensive manual and a signed certificate for each employee on file, you will have completed and documented your annual training. Documentation is critical when dealing with HIPAA investigators or auditors. As far as HIPAA auditors and investigators are concerned, if it is not documented, it is not done.

This purchase requires acceptance of licensing terms and registration. Upon completion of registration you will receive a download link for the training materials, which can be deployed immediately. Your printed manual will be shipped separately.

License Terms: You are authorized to reproduce Basics of HIPAA Compliance: A Guide for Employees, © Apex Legal Publishing, all rights reserved, as necessary for training purposes for all personnel within your organization, as well as for introductory training for persons hired after the license date. Under no circumstances may the Guide be reproduced for any other purpose, or distributed outside your organization. This license requires registration of your purchase by submitting and maintaining and updating as necessary a valid email address for your organization. Registration includes notice of future updates or modifications.

HIPAA Compliance Essentials:  Basic Staff Training

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